The European PhD in Law, Data, and Artificial Intelligence (EPILDAI) stands at the forefront of advanced research, dedicated to exploring the profound societal challenges posed by the rapid evolution of digital technology and aiming to carry out research from a multidisciplinary perspective.

EPILDAI represents a pioneering doctoral programme, established through a collaboration between DCU’s Law and Tech Research Cluster, other major university research centres and leading research institutions from Europe and beyond. This programme represents an innovative fusion of law and technology with other areas such as political science, computing communication studies, education and economics. At the heart of EPILDAI lies an international network offering a diverse array of joint academic activities, including seminar series, an annual doctoral colloquium, a summer school and visiting stays.

EPILDAI fosters a dynamic environment where researchers from diverse personal and professional backgrounds converge, bolstering rich cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchanges. It serves as a collaborative platform where scholars can synergize their expertise to address the complex challenges at the intersection between law, data, and artificial intelligence, thereby advancing knowledge and fostering innovative solutions for the benefit of society.

PhD Positions