The DCU Law & Tech Research Cluster

The DCU Law & Tech Research Cluster investigates the interplay between law and digital technology in Ireland and beyond.


The digital revolution is rapidly changing contemporary society and profoundly affecting our legal system, both at the national and transnational levels. Our research projects investigate how rights and norms can help shape a trustworthy and human-centric digital environment.

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DCU is a pioneer in the field of law and technology education. Take a moment to browse through our teaching offer in law, data protection, AI ethics and digital rights.

Latest Publications

The Law and Tech Blog

How can AI improve corporate criminal compliance?
Nicolò Di Paco
University of Pisa
At present, the difficulties that companies have to face in fulfilling self-regulatory tasks are increasing. First of all, corporations nowadays deal…


The DCU Law and Tech Research Cluster hosts a dynamic group of researchers with multiple disciplinary backgrounds, ranging from law and political science to computing and engineering. If you are interested in multidisciplinary research in the area of law and tech, sign up to some of our events or apply for our visiting programme.