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Dr. Edoardo Celeste on digital constitutionalism and Internet bills of rights

Constitutional laws, originally crafted for an ‘analogue world,’ primarily address scenarios where states hold paramount influence, impacting individual rights and potentially disrupting the balance of power. However, significant transformations have unfolded in recent decades. Watch the interview by Diggit Magazine to Dr. Edoardo Celeste on how the ‘digital revolution’ has ushered in both positive and negative consequences for the exercise of individual rights and freedoms

Towards a political economy of synthetic data

The DCU Law and Tech Research Cluster, in partnership with the ADAPT Centre and the European Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence, on 20th September 2023, held a lunch seminar entitled: Towards a political economy of synthetic data: a data-intensive capitalism that is not a surveillance capitalism?

Digital Constitutionalism: The Role of Internet Bills of Rights

In this video Dr Edoardo Celeste illustrates the constitutional role of the Internet bills of rights at the Constitutionalism and Democracy Seminar Series hosted by the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Students Perspective on the Digital Constitutionalism Teaching Partnership

Digital Constitutionalism Network Teaching Partnership

The Digital Constitutionalism Network presents the collaborative initiative to bring students together from its partner universities to create a digitally diverse learning space centered around digital constitutionalism.

Digital Consitutionalism and Content Governance: Social Media after the Capitol Hill Events

In this workshop organised by the DCU Law_And_Tech Research Cluster and the Dublin Law & Politics Review, panelists discuss many Digital Constitutionalism and Content Governance in relation to the use of Social Media after the Capitol Hill Events.

Constitutionalising Social Media Opening Remarks

In this video, Clara Iglesias Keller, Amélie Heldt and Edoardo Celeste open the Constitutionalising Social Media Conference held on the 20nd – 21st of May, 2021.

The Growth of Digital Constitutionalism in India

This video is presented by Dr. Ashit Kumar Srivastava, who discusses the growing movement of Digital Constitutionalism in India and how it can impact the rest of the world.

Regulating Online Disinformation International Conference

Regulating Online Disinformation Opening Remarks

The opening remarks given by Professors Kahkaber Kordzaia (Caucasus International University) and Edoardo Celeste (Dublin City University).

Keynote Speaker – Dr Sesili Gogiberidze

In this video, Dr Sesili Gogiberidze discusses the background of politics, culture and democracy in Georgia.

Dr Sergi Jorbenadze – Freedom of Expression on Social Media in Georgia

In this video, Dr. Jorbenadze discusses issues around freedom of expression on social, focusing on hate speech and the laws surrounding free speech in public spaces are not applied fairly to that of digital spaces.

Nina Shengelia – Effects of Disinformation and Fake News in Georgia

In this video, Nina Shengelia, head of the Digital Democracy Center in Georgia, discusses the effects of online disinformation and fake news on democracy in Georgia.

Prof. Dr Ushangi Bakhtadze – Can We Criminalise Disinformation?

In this video, Prof. Dr Bakhtadze discusses issues around freedom of expression and criminalising disinformation.

Keynote Speaker – Prof. Andrey Rikhter

In this video, Prof. Rikhter, Senior Adviser at the OSCE Office of the Representative on Freedom of the Media, discusses disinformation and the policies, practices, rights and responsibilities of public media.

Dr Clara Iglesias Keller – Regulating Disinformation Beyond Content in Brazil

In this video, Dr. Iglesias Keller discusses challenges to regulating disinformation in Brazil and the perspective from Brazil.

Dr Eileen Culloty – Reacting to Digital Problems or Building a Better Internet?

In this video, Dr. Culloty discusses issues around regulating online disinformation from the EU perspective.

Dr Giovanni Zagni – Disinformation and Professional Fact Checking

In this video, Dr. Giovanni Zagni discusses issues around fact-checking fake news and disinformation.